Star RV Pandora

Type of Vehicle

4 Berth

Age of Vehicle

Premium (0-1 year)

Toilet / Shower


Locations Available

Star RV Pandora is available from Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

Star RV Pandora 4 Berth Motorhome

Guaranteed 12 months or less in fleet and with its unique rear bed lift system at the press of a button, your fully assembled bed descends from the ceiling, so you can make the most of the space during the day. Perfect for couples and families wanting a little luxury and space out on the road.

The modern interior includes a kitchen, an electric flush toilet and a flat screen TV/DVD player. Some of these models also have an external BBQ area (can request, not guarantee)

Perfect for:
  • A couple who’d like extra space while they’re travelling
  • A family or group of up to four friends
  • Suitable for 2 x child/booster seats (no rear-facing child seats permitted in this vehicle)
  • Anyone who wants a new motorhome, as these are less than one year old
Living and Entertainment
  • Sleeps 4 in 2 double beds. Unique rear bed lift system with dense foam mattress
  • Bedding supplied
  • Air con and heating in drivers’ cabin and main cabin (when connected to 240 volts)
  • Radio and CD player, AUX/USB input
  • DVD player with flat screen
  • Toilet and shower
  • Internal walk through access
  • Fridge/freezer (most are three-way)
  • 2 burner gas stove with electric hot plate
  • Microwave (240 volts)
  • Sink
  • Hot and cold water supply
  • Cooking utensils, crockery, cutlery and tea towels
Mechanical / Technical Features
  • Mercedes
  • Diesel
  • 14 litres per 100 km
  • Automatic transmission
  • Power steering
  • Rear vision camera
  • Awning
  • Fire extinguisher
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
Bed Size
  • Unique rear bed lift system 2.00m x 1.30m
  • Bed above cab 2.10m x 1.50m
  • Automatic Transmission
  • 2WD
Vehicle Make
  • Mercedes
Vehicle Dimensions
  • Length – 7.70m
  • Width – 2.30m
  • Height – 3.60m
  • Interior Height – 2.10m
Liability Reduction and the Terms

For Star RV pick-ups from 01 April 2019 there has been a change with Star RV in the way the rates are calculated. If you are travelling after this date, the ‘standard’ rate will include the top-level liability reduction cover plus many extras. There is no longer a choice with this brand if you would like to reduce your bond/liability and you will not need to pay an extra amount per day like you do with our other brands to reduce your liability and bond. This will also mean the daily rates seem higher because this is already factored into the rate.

Star RV motorhomes are only available to be picked up or returned to specific depots.

For vehicle hire 01 April 2018 to 31 March 2019

Star RV rentals with a pick-up date prior to 01 April 2019 require a bond. A credit card can only be used to provide the bond, and the credit card holder must be present on pick up as they are jointly liable. The standard liability and refundable Bond is AU$7,500. This is charged to the hirer’s credit card when they pick up. This is a fairly standard rate for the entire motorhome hire industry. Star RV understands that this may be a lot of money, so they offer liability reduction options to reduce the bond and your liability in the event of an incident. Please see terms and conditions for exclusions.

Liability Reduction Option – Liability/Bond reduced to AU$0/$250 (see terms and conditions for exclusions). At a charge of $47 per day. Please note that this cover is not as comprehensive as some of the other options available. For example, when reducing your liability, overhead and underbody damage is excluded. LRO includes cover for accidental damage to two tyres and one windscreen per rental.

Star Pack: Liability Reduction option, unlimited windscreen and tyres will be covered for accidental damage, GPS, undercarriage damage, pre-purchased gas bottle, camp chairs and table and baby or booster seats (on request; not able to be fitted to all vehicle types).

For vehicle hire 01 April 2019 – 31 March 2020

When picking up a Star RV rental with your departure date on or after the 01 April 2019, you will no longer have the option to have a large bond (matching the liability) applied to a credit card. The top-level cover available with this brand is included in your standard rates.

Rates Include: Liability/Bond reduced to $0 liability and only a $250 bond (see terms and conditions for exclusions), unlimited windscreen and tyres, undercarriage/overhead damage (covered for accidental damage), GPS, initial set of toilet chemicals, pre-purchased gas bottle, camp chairs and table and baby or booster seats (with prior request; not able to be fitted to all vehicle types).

Your rates also include 24hr roadside assistance, unlimited kilometres, kitchen kit, personal linen kit with linen exchange service, general equipment, extra driver fee, valet service and gas bottle exchange service, drop and go return

Extra Driver Fees:
Extra drivers are included in the standard rates.

One Way Fees:
A one-way fee of AU$300 applies to rentals dropping off in Cairns, and $160 for each rental segment less than 21 days (up to and including 31 March 2019) when the pick up and drop off depot differ.

If pick up is on or after 1 April 2019 then the one-way fee is $165 for all one-way rentals. This cost will be included in the quote we provide to you. Please note, for many popular travel routes in Australia, a one-way trip is the best option – ask us for more details on this.

Star RV motorhomes have unlimited kilometres included in the standard rates.

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